Award winning original music and Sound Design for Advertising, Film, and Television.

We have produced music and sound design for more
than a thousand commercials
We have worked in every product and service category
We produce original music for leading companies worldwide
"Daniel is a very talented composer and music producer. He is a personable, sensitive and charismatic human being. More over, when it comes to advertising commercial production, musicians work at the end of the production line, per say, closer to the air date. Daniel is the kind of professional musician that can ride the stress of a fast paced commercial production driven by deadlines, with ease and diplomacy keeping the creative spirit of the work requested intact. I have worked with him through out the years in campaigns for KFC, American Honda, Jack in the Box, Macys, to name a few. His work has consistently contribute to enhance the message on each of our projects." 
Eliana Dezas - Creative Broadcast & Print Producer Freelance
"Daniel creates powerful sound and music productions that enhance our television commercials and web videos. He has a unique way in how he understands the messages that we are trying to convey and finds a way to bring them to life in an engaging and memorable way. He is a great weapon to have when looking to elevate the quality level of your production." 

Alberto Gonzales- Founder, Pulsar Advertising
"Daniel Indart is not only an amazing person to work with you is always enthusiastic about any project no matter how big or small, he is also a very talented musician, who has a good eye for discovering new talent and achieving whatever kind of music you desire. He has successfully managed his company Indart Music for over 10 years, a wonderful music house with full capabilities to do all your music needs as well as audio recording and mixing. He also has a massive music stock library of music of all genres you could possibly imagine. Not only has he composed original scores for numerous commercials I've produced, he also scored the original soundtrack for my short film "Behind Closed Doors" and many other TV Shows including Dexter and so forth. I'm proud and happy to recommend him and his company as well as all the musicians that work for him as I've always been extremely satisfied with the results as have been my clients." 
Nadia Voukitchevitch - Broadcast Producer at Pacific Communications
"If you have ever watched a popular show in a major TV network or if you have ever listened to a radio advertising campaign and couldn't help but tapping your foot because of the contagious music, chances are you have listened to one of Daniel Indart's magnificent creations. Mr. Indart is one of the most talented musicians I've ever worked with. We participated together in the creation of some commercials for Chevrolet and a year later on a campaign for Las Vegas with great results. Daniel not only has a wonderful ear for music, but also for listening to his client's needs with an always positive and creative attitude. So do yourself a favor. Hire Daniel Indart for your next project. Take your masterpiece to a higher artistic level and don't miss the opportunity to establish a long lasting relationship with this passionate master of the rhythm." 
Arturo Monroy - Senior Creative Writer
"Daniel is not just an excellent musician with great taste and knowledge. He's the kind of person who likes to sit with you, ask you questions and challenge to make sure he can provide the best possible composition. It's a pleasure working with him any time, no matter how small or big you project is." 

J. Camilo Bernal - Creative Director / Copywriter at Freelance
"As Executive Producer and Director of PBS Specials and television commercials for Fortune 500 clients, I have had the great pleasure of hiring and working with Danny to compose and record many outstanding musical scores (including underscores, themes and jingles) for such clients as Wells Fargo, IKEA, Carl's Jr. and many more. The clients have always been thrilled with the resulting scores, both creatively and for the value of the final product. Further, Danny is a great team player: He listens!...a very rare attribute in today's production world. And his work is fantastic in both English and Spanish productions. I look forward to working with him on many more productions in the near future. You will be extremely pleased, as well, with any music that Danny Indart composes, produces and records for you." 
Scott Campbell - Broadcast Producer & Videographer